Language Classes

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German, English and Portuguese lessons for children aged 2 and up.

       Both group and individual lessons

       For adults, we offer English and Portuguese lessons, also in the                  evenings and  on Saturdays.

At Headstart, we emphasize linguistic development, and early acquisition of a second or third language. In a first session, an informal assessment is conducted (using games, stories, role play, etc) to determine the children’s level, interests and learning goals.

Based on that, an individual program is designed, and the teaching materials selected. Besides course books, we use audio-visual materials (Disney’s Magic English series), weekly story books to take home, and we encourage creative writing ( accounts of experiences, re-telling of stories, writing simple plays, in group, to be performed, etc.)

To promote fluency, we organize play dates with English-speaking children, so that our students can enjoy English to achieve significant and fun communication.

Cognitive stimulation and development is always a goal in our approach. Thus, charades, problem solving, individual and social challenges are brought into the curriculum, through specific exercises the children enjoy solving in English.