Child Care

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Quality Bilingual Educational Child Care, for children aged 18 months and older, in small groups (maximum 5 per group).

Both Full-time Care or Partial (based on half-day segments), Mon-Fri..

 Child Care during school holidays is an extra option.

“What is quality Child Care?

There are some important things to look for, that can help determine if a child care centre or an in-home setting is a safe, nurturing, educational place for children. Here are some examples of important quality indicators:

– The setting has a low child to teacher ratio (number of children per every one adult)

– The setting has small group sizes (number of children in each room, regardless of the ratio).

– There is a low turnover among staff, and children have consistency in their caregivers.

– There is a written curriculum based upon the ages and interests of each child.

– Caregivers have appropriate expectations of children’s abilities, and have guidance techniques that foster positive behaviour in children.”

At Headstart, we seek to offer just that. We conduct an initial observation/assessment of each child; design an individual program for him/her,, maintain ongoing observation of the progress taking place, in regards to the goals set, and keep a portfolio, for each child, so that parents can follow their development, too.

We appreciate parental involvement, and reinforcement, at home, of the learning taking place at Headstart

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